Welcome to the Fifth Annual
Tri County All Star Game!

Please spend 12 minutes watching this movie. This movie is spot on on how kids feel when they are going through "stuff" after being placed in the foster system.


This years game will be January 13th at Casa Grande High School in Petaluma. Kick off is at noon.

This game is to bring awareness to the 500,000 kids in foster care. Did you know when kids are placed with foster parents they typically show up with a trash bag with there belongings. We want to change that. Part of the proceeds goes to buying backpacks for kids. They deserve a little dignity too! Please read the About page on how you can help.

Being Trapped

Ever since I was little I have felt trapped, alone, afraid, scared, fearful of what may happen, unheard, unknown,unloved, unwanted, uncared for, restricted, invaded, putdown, abused, attacked, unsafe, and threatened. Former Foster girl age 15

So why do kids get placed in foster care? One kids story...


My personal boundaries were crossed 24/7. I was abused by my Bio dad multiple times.Attacked by the people that loved me most. I was fearful of what my future would look like. Am I ever gonna get a family that loves me and will play with me. Am I going to end up in jail? Is someone going to kill me? Am I going to die and never know why?


The Tri County All Star Football Game is the premier High School All Star Football game in Northern California! But this game is so much bigger than a cool game. This game is to bring awareness to the 500,000 kids in foster care. The latest study tells us that there are about 1200 kids in the system from the Tri Counties of Napa, Marin and Sonoma.

Every year our mission is to bring awareness to these kids. Many times when the children get placed with foster family's they show up at the doorstep with their belongings in a trash bag. The Tri County game hopes to give them a little dignity. We take part of our proceeds and buy backpacks. While it may not seem much to the average person this is huge to a foster kid!

Any person that brings a new backpack to the game, gets in free. Our hope is everyone brings a backpack!!

Come watch and enjoy your relative or friend one more time in High School but please keep in mind that some foster kids can't even play organized sports because they can't make it to practice consistently.

If you would like to help out on game day or have ideas to raise awareness to these foster kids please email us at tricountyallstargame@gmail.com


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Tri-County All Star Game


Varsity Football: Local seniors key victory in Tri-County all-star game

ROHNERT PARK — Twelve Napa County high school seniors enjoyed one more opportunity to don football uniforms Saturday in an inaugural tri-county all-Star football game showcasing talent from 28 schools in Napa, Sonoma and Marin counties.

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Napa-Marin Petaluma WHITE vs Sonoma County North BLUE

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Calistoga seniors' White edges Amcan seniors' Green in Tri-County All-Star Football Game

SANTA ROSA — Team White Storm made a goal-line stand on the final play of the third annual Tri-County All-Star Football Game, surviving a late scare from Team Green Machine and picking up a 12-9 victory at ...

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Local all-star gridders have fun in Tri-County All-Star Football Game

SANTA ROSA – The rain let up just in time Saturday afternoon for the fourth annual Tri County All-Star Game, but slick conditions and miscommunication led to four turnovers by Team White in a 48-14 loss to Team Black in the senior showcase at Piner High in Santa Rosa.